Pre-Draft Consulting

Pre-Draft Consulting

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When it comes to getting ready for draft day, things can get hectic. 

Don't worry if you're overwhelmed, too busy or just want to get some expert advice for a draft day game plan. 

In the days and weeks before draft day, you'll connect with a member of LTFF to lay out a plan for how to dominate your draft and take advantage of opportunities that we see in your league. 

We know that getting a fantasy football draft consultant isn't for everyone, but it's the right fit for many! 

Your consultant will connect with you via chat, Skype, phone, or any way you prefer to help put together the perfect plan.

*Orders placed will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis. Many leagues and teams have drafts on the same dates and times as others across the United States. The earlier purchases will be given the ability to secure the dates and times they need first to prep for draft day. Keep an eye out for an email to pick the analyst you want to work with (if available) and the date(s) you want to partner up! 

**Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your team will win a championship. We guarantee that we'll help you lay out a plan for your fantasy football draft and how you can take advantage of the expected opportunities in your league.